Guest Post: What to Avoid When Implementing SEO Tactics by Wes Towers

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If you want your business website to flourish, at some stage you will probably get involved in search engine optimization. Also known by its acronym, SEO, search engine optimization involves strategies to attract the attention of search engines. These include using keywords, building up back links and posting fresh, relevant, unique and high-quality content. All of these things are simple but not easy. They take time and effort. This leads people to try and find short-cuts. With all the SEO strategies and tactics available, there are a number of things you need to stay away from completely.


#1 Never stuff your content with keywords.

Keyword stuffing is using the same keyword or key phrase in your content or web page over and over again even if it does not read well. There are online marketers who do this to boost their keyword density, believing it will bring them higher page ranking. The reality is it will not work and they risk being banned from search engines altogether.

#2 Joining link farms is a no-no in SEO.

Once upon a time this worked. However, it has been frowned upon by search engines now and they consider it spam.

#3 Never use tiny or invisible text.

Some online marketers add text to their website to try and boost their SEO efforts but they make it so small humans can’t read it. They want it detected by search engines but not read by users. This is also considered spam. Search engines hate it when marketers try and trick them.

# 4 Watch who you link to.

Never link to dodgy websites or you may be tarred with the same brush by search engines. If you link to a website that is banned by search engines, the tendency is your site will follow suit.

Implementing SEO tactics to make your website friendly to search engines is the way to go. Structure and code your website so it is error free and easy to use for humans and you can’t go too far wrong. Fresh, valuable content that other websites want to link to is the real key to building back links. Never, ever try and trick search engines. Sooner or later they will catch you and slap you big time.

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Author: Wes Towers

Melbourne graphic design expert, Wes Towers invites you to learn more about marketing as well as web and graphic design and how they could help in your business. Check out for more resources and free ebooks.

23 thoughts on “Guest Post: What to Avoid When Implementing SEO Tactics by Wes Towers

  1. I totally agree with you Wes, your ideas are great and these four points are always needed to keep in mind while writing or publishing a post on your blog or site. There are so many ways we can adopt for doing this but we need to focus on the things you were mentioning here.

    1. In light of the recent web spam actions, point #2 stands out to me. I know so many people who have were affected by the recent Google slap. When Google de-indexed, they certainly got out attention. Shortly after that, Fruition discovered that links from many other sites are causing Google to implement manual web spam actions as well. One of the sites listed is BlogSpot! Google owns BlogSpot.

      I’ve already started the process of manually going through my CommentLuv do-follow links looking for any sites that could potentially be an issue. Unfortunately, I find myself removing the do-follow tag from sites that quite possibly can be completely innocent.

      Thanks for dropping by and joining the conversation and thanks to Wes for his quick reply.
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..Google Manual Web Spam Actions and Penalties #FridayFindsMy Profile

    1. Hi, Keith. I always remind myself that, even when the tough gets going and the temptation to achieve results faster gets harder to resist. Thankfully, I have always been able to stick to my principle of playing it safe when it comes to SEO tactics.

  2. Definitely sound advice. So many folks get carried away before learning the dark side of these tactics. They read somewhere that backlinks build and rank and off they go spamming everyplace they can sign into. I still get a kick out of those who try using white text;)

  3. Very good insight Wes! implementing SEO tactics can help us to be more friendly and it can also help us to boost our site in a proper way.

  4. It’s hard getting quality links back to your blog, which is why I like to focus on doing things such as building community and improving content. The more you do that then the higher chance you have of someone linking to you; hopefully which will be a quality link back.
    A fair bit is just luck as you said also.

    1. Yes, Peter, quality backlinks are not easy to get. But, if we do regular posting of high quality content and create meaningful relationships in forum and blog communities, then we will get them in time. It is just a matter of hard work and yes, a sprinkling of luck as well.

    2. Hi Peter, I would say that those sort of links you mentioned are the best type of backlinks you could get, and thus you will be given “natural” ranking in the likes of Google for those, and no doubt you’d do very nicely in SERP too! If you’ve got a real quality blog or site, folks will automatically link to your content. In a sense, this is the ultimate form of SEO in my humble opinion.

      Its often mentioned among the top SEO practitioners that if you can gain links from sites that have hefty authority (in both Google terms and in visitor count terms) you’ll be the best served in the rankings game.


  5. Wes – Many people strongly believe the amount of time and effort it takes to implement good SEO tactics is not worth it. It is very easy to begin using black hat SEO tactics when you are told that you’ll achieve the SEO rankings you desire much faster.

    Although you might achieve good rankings using these illegal methods at first, your site will be removed from the SERPs faster than you can say SEO and all the efforts you have put into your site will be wasted.

    It’s just not worth it in the long run. Staying away from those 4 common SEO mistakes you have listed is a start in the right direction towards gaining good SEO value and maintaining your position in the SERPs for a very long time.

    1. You are right, John. The results of white hat SEO takes a long time coming. Although people might not see its worth instantly, what they are going to get in the long run is a solid credibility and authoritativeness. This matters more than anything else.

    1. Hello, Susan. I am glad that our Twitter acquaintance has reached to the blogging communities. Thank you as well for taking the time to read and comment on my post.

      And, yes, it is a sad fact that there are still people who prefer the fast yet unscrupulous ways of SEO.

  6. Hi Wes, thanks for sharing those tips!

    Would be real nice to see you do a follow-up guest article here… how about something along the lines of “5 (or however many) strategies to boost your SEO results”.

    Hope that you (and Sheryl) will give this some consideration.

    Thanks again!


  7. Hi Wes

    Some very good tips on what to avoid that newbies should take note of if they want to survive on the net! Why anyone would think they can fool Google or would want to is beyond my comprehension.

    There is no silver bullet to success. Hard work, perseverence, patience and a passion for my niche are what are motivating and moving me forward with my small niche blog.

    Plus the encouragement and help of more experienced bloggers that keep me motivated when there are bumps in the road. Support groups also help as they reveal what is acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour and tecniques with marketing successfully.

    Writing quality posts and being active on other blogs also helps with SEO and so far it is working for me πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing Wes. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    1. I can’t agree with you more, Patricia. It takes a lot to achieve success for your website or business and that does not include fooling search engines.

      I was not into joining blogging communities before, but now that I’ve joined up, I have definitely seen their worth and you are one of those persons who have really made me feel welcome. Thanks.

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