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Podcasting: Because Your Audience Wants To Hear From You

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They know and trust your voice. They feel like they already know you. Your podcast is just the natural next step in your ongoing relationship.

You already have at least two-thirds of the structure you need: your blog, your audience. The other third would be your email autoresponder series. Podcasting is the natural next step in building relationships online and offline.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

Radio Tales

When is the last time you listened to the radio, as in AM/FM? This morning? Last week?

Personally, I don’t listen to AM/FM radio much these days at all. But it so happened that I was visiting a friend on a Sunday morning and she had her radio tuned to her favorite weekly old-time gospel program. What struck me was the line-up of songs: they didn’t appeal to me in the least but it got me to thinking about how the radio station chose the songs to play.

They play what the people want to hear.

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