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Thanks for visiting Keep Up With the Web. I hope you find interesting and informative articles that will help you grow your business. As this blog evolves, I look forward to this becoming a place where fellow entrepreneurs can come to find common sense answers and ideas explained in “plain English“.  Please let me know what you like here, what you’d like to see here and what you think – whether or not you agree. We can all learn from each other.

A Little About Me:

I’m a cross between a computer geek, a teacher and an entrepreneur. (I’ve been all of them at one time or another.) After years of working in both the corporate and non-profit worlds, I found myself “down-sized” a few years ago. I launched a couple of home-based businesses including one where I went to small businesses and taught people about technology and how to create an online presence. My motto then was “Big Business Solutions for Small Business Budgets“. Since then, I’ve self-published a book, dabbled in website design and marketed Virtual Tour photography.

A Little About this Blog:

Keep Up With the Web is a place where small business owners and entrepreneurs can find articles to help them create an Internet presence and market their business online. Come and learn from my experiences, successes and mistakes. I’ll be listening to what you have to say and I’ll try to gear my posts to what you want/need to hear.

We can learn from each other. Please comment on my posts and share your ideas, opinions and thoughts. Together, let’s harness our entrepreneurial spirits and follow the “American dream“.