Coaching & Services

Whether you’re a sole-proprietor, an entrepreneur or someone with lots of ideas for launching an online business, you probably could use some extra help. There are seemingly unlimited resources on the Internet today. You can find information on just about everything you need to know to launch your business. It’s tempting to be a do-it-yourselfer and create your own website, optimize it for the search engines, design your own logo and graphics and promote your brand. Depending upon your personal skill set and how much time you have, this may not be the best solution for you. After all, time is money.

Maybe all you need is a little help – someone to brainstorm with or get some strategic direction from. With 20+ years of experience in both the private and non-profit sectors as an information technology professional, another 5+ years as a self-employed consultant and 5 years as a teacher, I have lots of experience helping people to understand how to build their brand online.

How to Get Started

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