How to Grow Your Google+ Followers

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Google+ has emerged as a very popular social networking medium. Although it hasn’t replaced some other popular mediums such as Facebook or Twitter yet, it has its own charm and share of audience who enjoy the platform. However, most people are not familiar with Google Plus. So let’s check out some basic tips to increase your  number of followers for those who are new to this platform!

Introduce Yourself

By introducing yourself, I am referring to how you present yourself. This means that you must complete as much information as you can, so that people can know you better. Add an impressive profile photo since it will definitely leave a good impression. Add more photos to engage with more people. This is quite evident with Facebook switching to its Timeline style which is quite impressive. So make your profile as attractive as you can.

Share Content

Sharing content such as videos and pictures with your followers is another step to increase your follower count. You can even share animated images. Term it as a form of visual marketing. Try it and you will see the number of followers increase. Who would want to miss something that’s worth re-sharing? So it’s not only important to share content, but try sharing something which would capture the other person’s attention. Photos and videos are undoubtedly an easy medium but the type of content you choose depends on you. So submit content on popular niches such as entertainment, technology, sports and others.

Follow People

Many people will add you to their circle. This helps in making your presence even stronger and connecting with more people. To increase your followers, you need not add people randomly. You do not have to follow each and every person who follows you. Instead. it is suggested that you should follow people who are either in your niche target market or are themselves followed by people in your target market.

Sharing and Re-sharing

Once you have posted content, ask your friends to check it out and ask them to re-share the same if they appreciate it. Your task does not end here. Once a person has re-shared the content, write a ‘thank-you’ comment which is not only a good gesture but also would give a good impression to the other person. Your visibility would also increase and as such, more people would notice you on the platform and hence include you in their circle.

Talk to People

Just adding people to your circle is not enough. It is important that you must get involved in discussions along with such people. This way you are enhancing your circle. This way you can find people who share the same common interests as yours. Hence it will help you to increase your follower list.

Allow Comments

You must allow people to comment on the posts you share. This is because their comments would be visible in the news feed and broadcasted to their followers as well. As such, more people will come to know of you and hence add you in their circles if they find your content interesting.

Shared Circles

This is a very strategic weapon that Google+ offers to increase your follower count. You can share your circle with your followers, who can add the complete circle to their circle. Suppose you are present in someone’s share circle.  Then this would definitely give a boost to your follower count.

So here were some tips which can help you increase your follower count on Google+. Increasing your follower count is not at all a daunting task. All it requires is some effort from your end. Though, it can be a bit time consuming in the beginning, it would give you a fair share of benefit. Whether you are running a company and wish to make your online presence stronger or simply to increase your friend circle, increasing your followers can help you achieve your goal very easily. Explore as much as you can, devote time and you will find that this will work for you.

Are you set to increase your Google+ follower count? If you’ve decided that Google+ is not for you, which social media sites do you have a presence on? What sort of results have you achieved? We’d love to hear.

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Author: Charles Henry

Charles Henry works for Home Host, one of the leading web hosting companies in Brazil.

64 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Google+ Followers”

  1. Thanks Charles! Google+ is now one of the prominent Social Network where we can met lot of people. The much important one is hangup and privacy in sharing post in circle. we can choose who can view the post either public, friends, family, etc

    1. Mike,
      Thanks for taking the time to let me know that you enjoyed Charles’ guest post. Google+ is becoming so important to SEO. I’m making it one of my goals for 2013 to start participating more and sharing more articles on Google+ than I had before.

    1. Kim, I have to admit that I really haven’t spent any time trying to grow my Google+ followers. For now, I’ve basically connected there with people who I am already connected with on other social media sites. I honestly haven’t embraced it as part of my social networking strategy and until I do, I’m just not taking it seriously yet. What I should do is make it a goal for 2013.
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..Need More Eyes on Your Website? Comment on Blogs.My Profile

  2. Like this post a lot. There could be many other ways to achieve it but you have very genuinely highlighted the best. Being consistent is very important. According to me you described that in very good way.

  3. Hi Charles,

    I liked your post and after reading it I found the points I missed in growing my google+ followings. My next step would be talking to the people in my circle. Thanks for all the great insight.

    1. Hi Syeda,
      Thanks for letting us know that you enjoyed Charles’ guest post. I’ve found that the amount of interaction on Google+ can be overwhelming. I’m especially amazed by the number of people who include me in their circles. I have found that it’s wonderful for having real conversations with people. I found that organizing my contacts so that I have one circle that’s very targeted to my niche has been very helpful. It turns out that a lot of those people know each other and it’s helped to foster a lot of sharing by members of the group.
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..Sitizens Online Social Game – My Top Referral Traffic SourceMy Profile

  4. The value of Google+ seems to vary tremendously by business segment. The paranoid side of me suspects that if you are in a niche that does not lead to many Google+ followers, as an example the fashion business, it may be better not to use it at all. Why give the Google algorithm a data point that makes you business seem insignificant?

    1. Great point Randy! We definitely need to keep in mind where our potential clients and customers are and adjust our presence on social sites accordingly. Personally, I’m scaling back on my online presence on Facebook. I recognize that there are several B2B bloggers who have successfully leveraged FB to gain a following but I was late to that game. As for Google+, I haven’t done a great job there yet but I do believe there are opportunities there for bloggers like you and me. I agree if you’re in the fashion business, it may not be worth exploring. Pinterest maybe? 🙂
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..Sitizens Online Social Game – My Top Referral Traffic SourceMy Profile

      1. Sherry – spot on. Pinterest is an terriffic avenue for a fashion firm to connect with retailers and consumers. We have 821 followers on
        Your Facebook experience, which is not a huge winner for you, and our relative lack of success on Google+ show why depth may be more important than breadth when using social media sites

  5. I’ve personally found it lot easier to get followers on G+ than twitter, probably because sharing is much more powerful in it! And it doesn’t have crappy fake bots like Twitter. 🙂

    1. Hi Kate,
      It may be easier to get followers but personally, I find that more of my content is being shared on Twitter and I definitely receive more referral traffic. On the other hand, I think it’s easier to build meaningful relationships and have conversation on Google+ than on Twitter. For me, both networks have a place in my social media strategy.

      Thanks for taking the time to join our conversation. 🙂
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..Sitizens Online Social Game – My Top Referral Traffic SourceMy Profile

  6. Great share , I too own a G+ account but was wandering how to get many followers in it , this post has really given pretty good tips to get followers in G+ , Thanks a lot for sharing this information

  7. I admit to not having given G+ much attention. I have a profile there and usually post the links to my blog posts there. But I haven’t given it much strategic thinking. For me, LI, Twitter, and now Pinterest seem to be my platforms of preference.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted..perseveranceMy Profile

    1. Hi Doreen,
      Other than sharing infographics on Pinterest (mainly to build awareness of my keepupweb brand), I really don’t have a strategy for that site. Are you engaging with new people and finding readers there?

      What I like the most about LinkedIn is the ability to have conversations. I see opportunities for that on Google+ too but I’m missing it on Pinterest. I’d be interested in learning how you’re using it.

        1. Doreen,
          Thanks so much for that reminder about being a “visual” person. Of course, that’s why you and so many others enjoy Pinterest so much. I have always learned best by reading text and analyzing data. After reading your reply, I realize that explains to me why I enjoy infographics so much! (They’re pretty much the only thing I pin on Pinterest.)

  8. Hi Charles,Yes – I do agree. Use Google plus for authentic engagement and social sharing, and not just another network to spam on. And make use of all the wonderful features they have made possible, like hangout’s and sharing content to specific circles.

  9. Google+ is probably the next best platform to be on when you intend to make your presence felt because of its rapid growth and great features to boot 🙂 Thanks for the share!

  10. After the introduction of Google+ in Search results and their influence, It is seen people running for their vast presence over their Google+ circles! The major obstacle faced by the G+ users is that they have no idea about increasing the Followers ! I can see a systematic approach in your Post regarding this obstacle! Thanks

  11. Hi Sherryl, Ive been on Google Plus for the longest time now but I have yet to take advantage of its features, I’m currently engaged in social media marketing and I haven’t really explored the possibility of utilizing this platform. Thanks for your advice and more power!

    1. Hi Joy,
      Thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed Charles’ article about Google+. I admit that I don’t spend enough time their myself. For me, part of the problem is habit. Like you, I’m already involved on other social media sites. I need to make Google+ more of a priority.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

  12. I must admit that I don’t know much about Google +. I created a profile YEARS ago for some odd reason I don’t remember. Then, about a year ago I started getting requests to join circles and friend people. I still don’t know how to effectively leverage Google + but I can see that the tips in this post will help me take one more step forward. I always say “small changes implemented over time equal success.” Thanks, Suzanne
    Suzanne recently posted..5 Things you Can Do in 10 Minutes Daily That Will Move your Practice ForwardMy Profile

    1. Suzanne,
      A lot of us feel the same way that you do about leveraging Google+. I haven’t embraced it to the degree that I should either. I think my problem is that I already have a full plate with my involvement on other sites and for lack of time, I haven’t paid enough attention to Google. There are definitely benefits to using it.

      I like your quote “small changes implemented over time equal success.” I should keep that in mind and make a conscious effort to spend at least a few minutes on it daily. Thanks for weighing in on this!
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..Google+ Social Network – Part of Your Business Strategy?My Profile

  13. Hello Henry,
    I agree with you that Google has its own charm and share of audience who enjoy the platform. I like the google + featured. You are also increase my knowledge about the Google +.
    Thanks for sharing this great article.

  14. I always end up asking myself this question whenever someone makes it a point in an article and now I’m going to ask you this… what’s the deal with following people in one’s niche? I mean, I know the expectation is that if you do this those people will get to know you and you’ll make connections with those people.

    However, experiments have proven that most of the time people in your niche don’t want to connect with you because they’re worried you’ll take potential customers away from them. In the area of leadership, which I write a lot about on one of my blogs, I’ve found only one person who seems to not be threatened by my visiting his blog, as he visits mine often as well. The others… well, half the time they won’t even approve the comments, and other times they never respond, and don’t ever visit my blog.

    Maybe it’s different in every industry; I don’t know. I wrote about it at the CommentLuv link below Still, I figured to go ahead and ask the question for your opinion. Yeah, they should have warned you about me. 🙂
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Commenting On Similarly Themed And Niched BlogsMy Profile

    1. Mitch,
      In Charles’ defense, I added the word niche in the “follow people” heading. (Honestly, part of my motivation for including niche in the title was for keywords.)

      In general, I use the word “niche” loosely when I recommend where clients should spend their online time. I don’t think we need to be seen only on sites related to our niche directly but I do believe we should build our presence on sites where our target clients and customers are likely to be. (If I were a mommy blogger, I would not be commenting on a fly-fishing blog.)

      Having said that, I believe that there are stages to commenting depending upon where we are in our business (or hobby). A while ago, someone started a discussion on a LinkedIn group asking the question “Do You Reciprocate Comments? Why Not?” That prompted me to write the article “Commenting On Blogs – What Strategy Works for You?”. (If you’re interested, I’d love to hear what you have to say there too Mitch. I enjoy an interesting discussion.)

      How about it everyone? If you get a chance, check out Mitch’s article and leave a comment there and/or come back here and keep this conversation going. BTW – To be fair to Charles and in respect of Mitch’s viewpoint (which I’m sure is shared) I removed the word “niche” from the heading.
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..Commenting On Blogs – What Strategy Works for You?My Profile

      1. Ah, so you played the full editor role, eh? lol I’m bad at titles so when I accept guest posts on my blog (only one of my blogs that is) I have people title them as well.

        Actually if you were a mommy blogger that loved fishing, like my great grandmother did, I bet you’d be commenting on those blogs. And whenever we comment on blogs, we always leave our link. That’s part of my thing; we comment on things we like, whether in our niche or not, and that builds a bigger and more rewarding community for everyone.

        And now I have to go see your other post.
        Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Dream It And It Will ComeMy Profile

        1. Mitch, Your great grandmother loved fishing? Cool. I only fish if someone baits my hook and then takes the fish off. 🙂

          I completely agree with you that commenting on blogs helps to build community. It builds awareness too. It also can take a significant amount of time. That brings me back to “fish where the fish are”. 🙂

  15. Sherryl — I know that Google+ is where I need to be spending more time and not just posting updates. But it’s always a time issue. I was a participant in a Google hangout recently just to see how it works. It’s very much like Skype. One of the speakers didn’t have enough lighting so he appeared to be very dark. So you need to be careful to have enough lighting and clean the background debris from your desk!
    Jeannette Paladino recently posted..What Makes a CEO a Successful Leader?My Profile

  16. Charles, good tips on using Google+. I didn’t know you could dis-allow comments on Google+.

    Like on Twitter, I find it easy to meet new people on Google+ (unlike FB, where one often has to friend someone before having much of a conversation). Unlike Twitter, though, there is much more room for longer conversations and for imagery. It is a great and under-used platform for networking.
    Leora recently posted..CSS, Mobile Sites and display:noneMy Profile

    1. Leora,

      I was just replying to Susan Cooper and I mentioned you (and Steve Hippel) as two people who are active on Google+. When you share and comment on posts, I pay attention and end up spending (some much needed) time there. It’s still not enough but it’s a start.

      Have you tried out Google+ Hangouts yet? I keep meaning to at the very least attend one and potentially start some in the future. It looks like that would be a great opportunity to have meaningful conversations.
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..What Impact does Social Media Have on Businesses?My Profile

      1. Sherryl, I experimented a bit with Google Hangouts when they first came out, but I haven’t done anything since. If you have some time in September, would love to “hang out” with you. It would be a nice change from typing these comments as a way to connect.
        Leora recently posted..CSS, Mobile Sites and display:noneMy Profile

        1. That would be fun Leora. It looks like I’m going to be going straight out until the end of September. Busy is good but I’ll be ready for a distraction by then. 🙂

    2. Yes, to do so you must lock the post before sharing. This can be helpful in certain situations but overall one must understand it’s still social and people are going to want to comment.

  17. Thanks for the post -although I’ve added people to circles , I’ve been inactive beyond that so far – really a time /energy issue. At the moment I’ve been focussing on blogging,Wordpress,Triberr,LinkedIn,Twitter and more recently Pinterest. The idea of taking on another one is daunting, but the idea of visual marketing does appeal to me so I may look into further.
    A.K.Andrew recently posted..10 Rules for Writing: Margaret AtwoodMy Profile

    1. A.K., I so hear you about the whole time/energy issue. I think most of us feel the same way. I’m guilty of not paying as much attention to Google+ as I should be too. Thanks for letting us know that Charles’ post may be the motivation that you need to take another look at it.

      A few of the people who comment here regularly (Leora Wenger and Steve Hippel to name two) have a fairly active presence there. I have them to thank for a lot of the interaction that I do have there. They tend to keep me on my toes. 🙂
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..What is Your Twitter Strategy for Following Someone?My Profile

      1. Thank you Sherryl but I think that’s a bit more credit than I deserve 🙂

        I have to agree and say that G+ is a different place to Facebook. Would I be wrong to say, it’s a more business like place? Or maybe that’s just the way my circles have developed.
        I think you have posted some really useful tips here Sherryl. I’m definately going to re visit this post, try some of the tips and push G+ forward a bit. See you over there 🙂
        Steve Hippel recently posted..Ninja Affiliate – A Great WordPress Affiliate PluginMy Profile

  18. Hey Charles,

    Great points. Google plus is like other social media in the sense that it’s about people and connecting with people. I believe that if you talk with people, and tag people (get personal), and add high quality content, then you’ll eventually be successful as well.

    And combine, text, images and video and keep testing what works.

    1. Excellent advice! Being active and joining the conversation is the best way to increase your followers.

  19. I am still getting the hang of G+. As I work through building followers and who I’m following, it’s becoming easier to see the value it may represent. I do love the Circles feature and have found it useful when sorting through the current streams. Thanks for the post it gave me something to consider and I learned some new from it. That is always a good thing.

    1. Google+ is very exciting and they seem to have the best mobile app. I’ve been using Google+ for a while now and I’m still getting use to it as well.

  20. If you want to improve your online presence increasing your followers on Google + is a good idea. The obvious thing to do is to share your content so you give people the opportunity to re-share your videos or pictures. However, talking to people in your circle is something that can be overlooked. Getting involved with discussions with the people in your circle is vital when trying to grow your Google+ followers.
    John recently posted..4 Bass Guitar Tips That You Need To Start Playing Like a ProMy Profile

  21. The challenge with anyone you follow or who follows you is that you need to keep in mind that your niche is different than your friends and people whom you like

    1. So true! I follow people that I’m interested in but they might not necessary like what I post.

    2. Hi Roberta,
      It can be a challenge. What I need to remind myself sometimes is to broaden my reach beyond my niche. Some bloggers write such cool and fun stuff that it takes me away from the techie world (and my reality) and is instrumental in helping me keep my sanity!

      It’s great to see you here! Thanks for taking the time to visit. I’m swamped right now but I promise to visit your blog soon.
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..What Impact does Social Media Have on Businesses?My Profile

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