2 Powerful Strategies You As A Blogger Desperately Need

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Who doesn’t love blogging?

Who doesn’t want to improve upon what they’re already doing or learn something that might help them move forward!

Whichever might be the case for you, we are happy you’re here.

Sherryl was so kind to extend an invitation to be her guest so I thought I would share some very powerful strategies with you that have really benefited me.

I have no doubt that you’re already doing really well with your blog but there is always room for improvement wouldn’t you agree?

I believe every blogger needs to know these 2 powerful strategies in order to improve their blogs.  They can even help you become a better blogger too.

So what exactly am I referring to?

Let’s start with this one…

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Re-Thinking Your After Blogging To-Do List

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It’s not over, when it’s over,” they say.

Just writing up awesome content and publishing on your blog isn’t enough. There’s a lot more that has to go on after publishing. Sharing on your social networks, reaching out to influencers to let them know that they’ve been mentioned in your post, and a lot of those other things you do to push your own content are basic essentials, and you’re probably already doing these.

But then, there’s a lot more that ought to be done. There’s just too much content out there and you’ll now need to do keep doing more just to be seen, heard, and read.

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Who Do You Listen to When Influential Bloggers Don’t Agree? #FridayFinds

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Have you heard that Chris Brogan is shutting down the comments on his blog? It seems that the dust has barely settled since CopyBlogger closed their comments. So, that debate will be stirred up again. (Mark Schaeffer is weighing in on this one too.) Speaking of debates, did you read Dan Shure’s views on the importance of comments to a blog success? And then read Marcus Sheridan’s opposing view?

Last week, we discussed how emotional headlines gain more shares (and took a look at a tool to analyze them).  This week, we’ll take another look at more analysis of effective headlines. We’ll also take a look at another epic post by Adam Connell where he shares tips on successful blogging that doesn’t rely on driving more traffic. All this and more in this week’s #FridayFinds.

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Ready To Take Your Blog to the Next Level? #FridayFinds

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Are you using the new “fetch and render” tool in Google Webmaster Tools? Do you have an XML sitemap? Are you wasting money on SEO services? In this week’s Friday Finds series, find a tutorial on how to create and upload an XML sitemap for your website (along with an explanation of what xml sitemaps are). Also, learn about some SEO services that you don’t want to invest in, some great blogging advice and tips and advice on blogging to become a highly paid expert. As always, I hope you find this week’s #Friday Finds helpful and you learn something new here.

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What Blogging Tips Are You Missing?

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As a blogger, do you sometimes feel that the “rules” that you followed last week have changed? For example, are you still writing blog post titles that are close to 70 characters long? What if I told you that it’s now best to limit them to 55? Did you know that research shows that longer blog posts attract more links (which helps your page rank)? Did you know that longer means 1,500+ words? Well, that’s definitely up for debate but there’s plenty of research to support that. At the same time, there are definitely exceptions (think Seth Godin style). So, where can you start? What resources are available that you can refer to for answers to these questions (and many more like them)?

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