Will CommentLuv Premium Make Your Blogging Life Easier?

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Blogs are powerful tools that can be leveraged as part of an overall business strategy.  They’re a great way to build awareness and drive traffic to a website for an existing business. Blogs can also be a business themselves. Some people are able to monetize their blogs and there are a number of people who start blogging in hopes of making a living solely through blogging.

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers face is driving traffic to their blogs and then keeping their readers there long enough for them to complete the call-to-action. Your call-to-action may be for your readers to make a purchase or hire you. Maybe your goal is to engage them to be part of your community. Perhaps you have plans of building a large readership in hopes of selling advertising. Whatever your strategy is, there are millions of blogs in the blogosphere and you need your blog to stand out.

The Benefits of Installing the CommentLuv Plugin

Many of you are very familiar with the CommentLuv Plugin. I’ve had it installed here on my blog for over a year. When I first started blogging, I was having a difficult time engaging readers. I would get some visitors but very few comments and not a lot of interaction.

As most of you know, the default setting for WordPress is to add the “no-follow” attribute to links in comments. (No-follow links are not indexed by the search engines. If a link is “do-follow”, the search engines will follow the link to that site.)

Well, today, I’m not going to start a discussion on whether or not removing the no-follow tag from your comments is a wise thing for you to do or not. CommentLuv does make comments “do-follow”. To me, it’s part of building community and engaging my readers. It’s worked well for me.

Why Do We Need A Premium CommentLuv ?

The free version of CommentLuv is still going to be available. It’s not going anywhere that I know of. I do know that CommentLuv Premium (CLP) is a “super-sized” version of CommentLuv. Here are just a few of the reasons why I’m excited about it:

Eight Plugins in One!

1. CommentLuv – (with optional enticements for retweeting, liking, Google +1 and more)

2. DoFollow – (with lots more control)

3. G.A.S.P.- (GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin an alternative to Akismet )

4. TwitterLink (to let your visitors include their Twitter ID)

5. Keyword Name (Andy Bailey’s upgraded version of KeywordLuv)

6. Trackback Validation(to help minimize trackback spam)

7. No Self-Ping (to keep WordPress from sending pings to your own site)

8. Top CommentLuvvers Widget (integrated with CommentLuv)


The CommentLuv Premium Plugin Product Launch

CLP also includes two new dashboard widgets: CommentLuv Click Stats and the G.A.S.P Trackback Log. All this is in one plugin! The official launch for CommentLuv Premium is  Tuesday, September 18th. As a beta tester, I’m able to be one of the first ones to offer it. (Yes. That is an affiliate link.) There will be lots of press and lots of buzz about this. Andy already has several videos available on YouTube.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you interested in buying the CommentLuv Plugin or are you planning on staying with the free version? Are you not interested in the whole premise of allowing “do-follow” backlinks to other sites when people leave comments?. (I guarantee you’re not alone if you want to keep your site “no-follow”.) As always, I’m interested in hearing from you. What’s the price? Some bloggers have already reserved a copy for $20. What is the price going to be today or next week? I honestly don’t know. I do know that (as with any product launch), the earlier you purchase it, the better deal you’ll get. – Over to you!

UPDATE: The unlimited license version of CommentLuv Premium is on sale for $40 for 7 days only. This special pre-launch price ends on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. The unlimited license  allows you to install the premium version of CommentLuv on all of the blogs that you own (or are the administrator of). Plus, you immediately become an affiliate yourself. What are your thoughts?

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Author: Sherryl Perry

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124 thoughts on “Will CommentLuv Premium Make Your Blogging Life Easier?”

    1. Hi Vinayak,

      I agree with you that CommentLuv alone will not automatically increase the number of visitors that you will have (unless you count spam that is). You do need to have valuable content. We also need to promote our posts and to build solid relationships with other bloggers.

      Thanks for weighing in on this. It’s nice to meet you here.
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..Twitter, Content Marketing and Social Media ResourcesMy Profile

  1. Hi Sheryl

    After your help on Linkedin, I was checking out your site and read your review on Commentluv which I’ve been toying with getting for a few months but they had 50% discount on the Ultimate package so I got it. I may not use it straight away until I get Catalyst sorted but at least I have it for future use.

    Thanks for all assistance for a complete novice like me it’s great to have people like you helping us.



    1. David,
      I really appreciate your buying your license through me. I believe that it will be instrumental in helping to drive traffic to your site when it is self-hosted.

      You are completely welcome for my help. I hope you were able to find assistance on the LinkedIn boards that I recommended. Don’t hesitate to raise questions in the comment sections of my blog posts. Sometimes, my answers become new articles!
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..2 Steps to Stalking the Popular Kids and Getting More TrafficMy Profile

    1. The premium version can be unaffordable for many bloggers. I used the free version for a long time and I was fortunate to obtain my copy of CLP by being a beta tester. Andy does have specials occasionally where he has made it very affordable. Hopefully, the next time there’s an offer like that you’ll be able to buy a copy. It really does have a lot of bells and whistles that are worth investing in (if you can afford it). With the premium version, I can go into individual comments and remove either the link or just the do-follow. This is very helpful to me. With the free version, if I didn’t want the backlink, I couldn’t approve the comment at all. Having said that, I’m happy to hear that the free version is working well for you!
      Sherryl Perry recently posted..SEO Gets Social | How to Use Social to Get More out of SearchMy Profile

  2. Hi sherryl

    Do you know if commentluv is just a word press plug in or will it work on different formats as my blog doesn’t use word press.???????

    Wait reply thanks lee

  3. sure mam it is the best plugin , but it has huge price tag, you have described it a better way, that 8 in 1 pluginso new in premium is G.A.S.P.-i am using commentluv 2.9.2… wen ill have that much $$ ill surely go for it , thanks for features description

  4. hi – noticed a comment on the 19th regarding beta testing, is the premium edition now launched and bug free? – great post btw

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